The Rally

The Mongol Rally is a charity rally covering 10,000+ miles, over one third of the earth- crossing seas, navigating deserts, and scaling mountains. Our journey will start in the UK, through Mongolia with the finish line in Ulan-Ude, Siberia. There is no set route and no backup. It’s an adventure of finding your way and accepting the kindness of strangers along the winding roads.

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The Mongol Rally launches on July 22nd check back on this section to follow us on GPS and get updates on our travels!

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The Team



Needs daily desserts, enjoys photographing strangers, finds that good taste in vehicular rims is an attractive quality in a man.



 Delusional, corporate IT man, car-obsessed, easily confused and distracted by shiny things, not supposed to eat gluten but will probably eat it anyway. 

The Charities



Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is a cancer treatment and research institution in New York City, founded in 1884 as the New York Cancer Hospital. MSKCC is the largest and oldest private cancer center in the world, and is one of 47 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

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Cool Earth


Cool Earth is a UK-based international NGO that protects endangered rainforest in order to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and to provide employment for local people.

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The Sponsors

East Hollow Cider


Cider from here. We are a small, family-run cidery in eastern New York State. We harvest fruit from select wild and orchard grown trees from within a few miles of our farm at the foot of the Taconic Range. We grow our fruit holistically without chemical input. Our

natural ciders are made with natural, wild yeasts and minimal to no sulfite additions. Mountain cider for modern people.

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Founded in 2010 by two gluten-free brothers, The Gluten Free Bar (GFB) aims to produce good-for-you food in good-for-you ways. The company uses simple, quality ingredients to create ridiculously tasty, protein-packed food that is non-GMO verified, certified vegan, certified gluten-free, certified kosher and mostly organic. Everything that The GFB produces is crafted in their own facility utilizing a local workforce with a focus on creating a sustainable business that benefits their team members, community and customers.

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